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Blockchain Awareness Drive At Schools
For all schools


Our key project is the Blockchain Awareness Drive for Schools.  At the moment, we are focusing on secondary schools.  Later on, it will eventually get to the primary school stage depending on the level of support and cooperation.

Our main target is the graduating students at secondary schools, to give them that basic knowledge of what blockchain is, its applications, and possible career paths in this relatively new technology but a springboard to the survival of most industries in the nearest future. 

Blockchain Scholarship Drive
Giving hope to all


There is no greater hope you can give to a student than assuring that his or her studies will not be terminated due to financial difficulties. And many have dropped out due to this unfortunate predicament.
Blockchain Breeders are working tirelessly to reach out to various institutions of higher learning to grant scholarships, at any level, to graduating secondary school students pursuing a career in blockchain. 


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