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About us

Blockchain Breeders is a non-profit organization established to create awareness of Blockchain and related technology as well as its impact in our society through educational strategy; stimulating interest through foundational participation of individuals or groups starting progressively from the grassroots.

Our main target is secondary schools, especially those at the senior level ready to graduate. 

We are trying to use a stone to target two birds. Meaning, for the graduating students, this Blockchain awareness and enlightenment program will lead some to pursue Blockchain as a full-time program in the university or a part-time certificate program as they proceed in their career ladder.

On the other hand, for those financially less privileged or unable to pursue a full-time university program, a certificate course in one of Blockchain disciplines will be a choice and income generating opportunity after graduation within a short period.

Both ways, this will be fulfilling for the students and also help in closing the growing gap of job vacancies in this ecosystem, as well as contributing to economic growth.

We are also looking forward to working with institutions willing to giving scholarships to brilliant students, especially to the financially handicapped ones in our society. 

Mission: To lay the foundation of making Nigeria a leading Blockchain hub and exporter of professionals in the Blockchain industry.



1. To create Blockchain awareness through the strategic introduction of the concept at schools.

2. Students counseling in this industry to enable them to make the right choices by themselves.

2. To create a platform or ecosystem open to all ideas and innovations.

3. To create a platform where dreams of innovations and start-ups can be actualized.

Eric Asomugha - Founder

A team leader and a tested administrator at various levels.  He is a certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional, as well as a media and IT consultant who loves farming. Eric started his career as a sports journalist before joining African football governing body  as their  deputy communication head in charge of web content management and former magazine editor. 
He later published his own magazine called ISMO Sports and also founded supersoccer. His wealth of experience in sports administration and media roles as well as voluntary services in refugee communities helped in shaping his life and professional status. 


All Students - Partner


All students that have participated in Blockchain Breeders program are all our partners, They started with no knowledge of blockchain technology but through their patience, interest, and determination to achieve, they have managed to overcome the first hurdle. 

So, without them, there will be no Blockchain Breeders. 

They are the true partners.

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